Approach to YOUR STORY

We are all in! To your story, your family, your cultural heritage. We promise to be engaged and present for all of it. Using all of our experience and ability to create the most meaningful and genuine images.

For your portraits we gently and playfully coach and direct as needed, creating a relaxed and collaborative environment. By the time your wedding arrives we will have talked extensively and had an engagement session. This helps your comfort and leads to more relaxed and natural wedding photos.

Lastly, we can’t talk about approach without saying we are partners in our own marriage and in our work. We will provide you with with two empathetic and complementary perspectives all day long. Whether it’s being in two places at once or holding a light stand, we’re out there supporting one another in our goal to preserve treasured memories for you.


Artistic. Colorful. Cinematic. Authentic.

We are obsessed with composition, design, and light quality while we wait for the moment to unfold. We strive for three things in all our work: a decisive moment, lovely light, a well-crafted composition.

Your wedding will be jam-packed and over in the blink of an eye. We want you to remember all the love and joy vividly – as if you were right back in that moment.

We won’t instantly outdate your photos by applying a cookie-cutter filter that strips away the colors. We want all the reds, golds, greens, blues, purples in your wedding to sing! We’ll create some classy black and whites too.

We promise to bring the most life out of each of your photos before we reveal them to you.



Coming Soon.

The anticipation!



  • Born overseas to Michiganders, I moved to the States when I was 14. The midwest is now home and I love to camp on Lake Michigan: Sleeping Bear Dunes and Ludington are some of our favs.
  • My first job out of college was as a flight attendant for United Airlines. I wanted to see the world and I genuinely enjoy service oriented jobs.
  • I still am friends with and dearly love every single one of my bridesmaids. I wish I could hang out with them everyday instead of a few times a year.
  • I talk with my hands and also love to work with my hands. I have a background in bookbinding, custom-framing, and fine art.
  • I tear up at weddings all the time. We have two little girls and the father-daughter dance hits me especially hard these days.


  • Born in Canada to parents from Alabama
  • Spend childhood in Northwestern Thailand and the Philippines.
  • College in Nashville, TN (Studied Theater, Photography, and Cinematography)
  • Moved to Illinois to be near my family who had also relocated to Chicagoland.
  • I play guitar a little each day.
  • I’m usually listening to a new musical artist or back catalogue classic albums.
  • NPR Fan
  • Favorite Director: Wes Anderson. I love the quirky stylized set design, bold use of color, and the tender heart his central characters posses.
  • Favorite Film: Rushmore is a quintessential Wes Anderson film and one of Bill Murray’s best performances.
  • Coffee Lover (ubiquitous to photographer bios)

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