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We’re sneaking a few teasers out from Alia & Josh’s Winter Chicago wedding. We started at the Blackstone Hotel for bridal preparations and some elegant modern editorial photography followed by a trek over to The Stan Mansion for the ceremony and reception. Thanks to Alia & Josh for having us record this day. Special thanks goes out to the wedding planner/designer Christine Janda as well!

Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0001Alia’s grandma’s wedding dress was repurposed as the bag for the breaking of the glass ritual as well as hankies for the bride & groom.
Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0002 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0003Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0005AStan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0006 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0007Josh sees his bride the first time.
Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0008Classy and fabulous.
Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0009 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0010 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0011 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0012 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0013 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0014 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0015After some hot hotel shots we jumped out of the limo for a chilly but delightful set in a courtyard near the Blackstone.Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0016 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0017 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0018 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0019

Stan Mansion was a super cozy wedding venue for winter. The heat worked. Maybe too well. Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0020 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0021Some seriously hip parents made seriously hip kids.Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0022 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0023 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0024Josh’s brother wasn’t with us before the ceremony for pics but we’re super glad we were able to catch some pics of him with his brother and the other guys.Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0025 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0026I had never seen this before. It was a champaign tower. I think they poured 4 or 5 bottles into the tower. Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0027 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0028Hollywood called. They want their bride & groom back. Bollywood called immediately afterward and I said “you’re going to have to fight this one out.”Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0029 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0030 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0031 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0032 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0033 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0034 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0035 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0036 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0037 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0038 Stan-Mansion-Winter-Wedding-0039Happy New Year!! We can’t wait to share all the photos with you guys soon. Stay tuned.

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