Wes Craft & Ryan Gauper photographed Jackie and Joe’s autumn wedding at Artifact Events, formerly known as Architectural Artifacts. These two literally laughed and smiled all day. The joy was freaking palpable. I just loved capturing this one.  There were so many great moments, details, and cool portraits that I had a hard time narrowing down for this blog post. Alright alright. Here it is!

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ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft001 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft003 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft004, Blue Lace Bridesmaids Dresses ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft005 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft006 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft007, Homewood Florists ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft008 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft010 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft011 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft012, St. Pascal, Portage Park ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft013 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft014 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft015 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft016 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft018 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft019 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft020 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft021 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft022 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft023 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft024 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft025, Limotainment ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft026 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft027 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft028 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft029 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft030 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft031 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft032 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft033
Flower arrangements by Homewood Florists

ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft034, Homewood Florist ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft035, dinkels bakery, Chicago Bakery, Weddingstar cake topper ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft036 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft037, vintage car wedding favors ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft038, Homewood Florist ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft039 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft040 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft041 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft042 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft043 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft044 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft045 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft046 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft047 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft048 ArchitecturalArtifactsFallWeddingWesCraft049

Here are some of Joe and Jackie’s insights.

WCP: What are three adjectives that describe your wedding’s vibe or theme?
J&J: Classic, unique, fun.
WCP: What is your best or favorite memory or moment of the wedding day?
J&J: The moment after it’s official! We also really loved having all of our family and closest friends in the same place to celebrate with us. Our party bus for the bridal party was an absolute blast.
WCP: Do you have any advice for future brides as they plan their wedding? What would you do differently? What would you do exactly the same?
J&J: My number one piece of advice is to trust your gut and hire vendors you really trust. We had a great day because we surrounded ourselves with an unbelievable team of professionals. I would hire all of them again–especially our photographer ;).
WCP: Where did you honeymoon? Would you recommend it? Why or why not?
J&J: We honeymooned in Maui and Kauai. I would HIGHLY recommend it if you’ve never been to Hawaii before–so beautiful and relaxing. Take as much time off as possible!

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