The headshot is a necessary marketing piece for any actor or performer.

A director wants to bring a story to life. They’re looking for a special mix of physical feature set and personality from the actors they audition and they gather a lot of that from your headshot before they hear you read.

Any casting director will tell you the first tip for actors looking for a new headshot is to ‘go pro.’ Like a director, we excel at drawing out honest and compelling expressions from you while putting you in the best light for your facial structure.
Just like on-camera acting it is all about the eyes. Your eyes showcase a depth of emotion and personality no other facial feature can match. The shot needs to meet a minimum of three critical requirements:

Looks like you on your best day.
Captures something unique about your personality.
Stands out from the crowd, thus grabbing the attention you merit.

Book your headshot session with us and then go get the part!