I remember discovering Leon Bridges debut album “Coming Home”. It wasn’t because I’d read an article. I had seen an album cover on Spotify’s New Releases page.


You may have seen the cover. At the center is a grainy black and white photo of Bridges dancing, on foot lifts, his arms swing to one side. A faded yellow border with rounded edges and track listing on the cover helped to further sell me. This had to be a reissued 60’s R&B album by a forgotten artist worth hearing! I hit play with anticipation. The album had that warm analogue sound and was indeed that classic 60’s soul yet felt really fresh. How had I never heard of him?

Soon I learned that he was a contemporary artist.

The photography and art direction perfectly set me up to trust that this artist has 60’s soul. This kind of art direction is best when it’s in partnered with tasty music but make no mistake, Imagery and music go hand in hand.

In the mid-late 90’s when I came of age as a music fan, I looked at every photo in the linear art of all my favorite musicians. I learned the names of the photographers who photographed them. Today, fans scour the internet and social media by the artists they’re most inspired by.

A set of photographs that depict your musical style and personality can give you the PR bump you need and bring the right elements to your next tour, marketing plan, or simple album art. Whether made in a studio, on location, or at your live events, the key components of great photography for musical artists are:

  • An Understanding the Brand of the Band or Artist
  • Conceptualizing the Shoot
  • Planning the Shoot or Shoots
  • Creating Mystical Photographic Content with Wes Craft

Planning is especially key with musical artist shots because bringing out and communicating the style and mood you’re all about is largely found in what you are wearing, the setting, props, and lighting.

Pricing could range from $450-5500 depending on the scale of the production. Most artists spend between $800-1600. We’re currently looking to boost our artist portfolio so let’s talk collaborating!

Get in touch today with a musical artist photographer who can bring out the best in your musical act.