This 10×14 Heirloom Album was technically an Engagement Party Album. Colleen & Vishal had us capture their Chicago celebration a year prior to their wedding in California. The party and photos turned out so great that we just had to make an album together.

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Details: 10×14 Heirloom Album printed and bound in Italy, designed by us. Distressed Leather Binding in Cream. Laser etched title in Carpenter Script. A set of (4) 6×8 hardback press printed books ordered for parents.

The Distressed Leather is so elegant in cream. We chose this color to play off of the cream in both Colleen & Vishal’s attire but also the cream colored stone of the Wrigley Building where we made portraits of the two of them.

Laser etching allows us to carve any font or graphic directly into the leather.  

I was so glad that they trusted me with the design and let me do some fun stuff like this spread.

Those smaller books are 6×8″ parent albums AKA “purse books”. They come in sets of 2.

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