Every year we have more and more opportunities to work with some of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana’s Serbian-American community. They are quickly becoming some of our favorite styles of wedding for a few reasons.

We find the tight knit family and spiritual community bonds refreshing. In the Serb wedding there are plenty of warm embraces, shared dances, songs belted at the top of lungs, liberally poured drinks, and a church full of friends and family to witness the ceremony.

The Orthodox Ceremony is one of the most BEAUTIFUL ceremonies we get to capture. A group of priests go through various rites including the iconic crowning and hand fasting.  Candles and incense combined with gilded icons all over the walls really takes you back into centuries of tradition.

Finally, the Skup (pronounced scoop), which is a set of pre-ceremony parties occurring simultaneously at the bride and groom’s respective starting locations, is off the hook. The party at the groom’s forms a caravan that drives to the bride’s house where the parties merge into one massive celebration that works its way eventually to serious yet joyful ceremony in an icon and incense filled church.

If you are planning your Serbian-American wedding and looking for a photographer who is contemporary in style and yet gets the deep traditions that you’ll be taking part in, then call Wes Craft Photography! We can give you plenty of references and you probably know a bunch of them! Haha.

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