Let’s get ready for your professional headshots!


These will be your digital handshake for at least the next couple of years. Let’s make them count.

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This photo shows 8 examples of headshots on location at your place of business.



If you’re hosting the headshot event, please have a space cleared for your photographer to set up the background and lights. Ideal spaces are about 10×15’ however we can survive with 8×12. Higher ceilings are generally preferred but if we’re sitting down then we can be in standard 8’ rooms. 

We arrive 1 hour prior to the session start time in order to set up and test.

For multiple headshot sessions in one setting, where you want the files named by subject, please provide us with a list names by time slot or have each individual hold up their name on paper or a whiteboard. 

Illustrative photo demonstrates our set-up on site.

(L) Each subject can hold their name on a loose sheet of paper to start. (R) Typical Setup.





Tell me anything you want me to know before we get started so we’re both in sync. Tell me what you’d like to get out of the session in terms of the look and feel. 

Tell me how you’d like the headshots to be used. For example most headshots are presented as vertical rectangles on a website or printed on a resume cover letter.  If you don’t know then vertical is the safest bet. You can usually crop a square or circle out of a vertical headshot so you’ll get a lot of use out of this classic format.


Scheduling Stressors

Plan your session date and time slot so that you don’t have disrupting calls or meetings distracting you during the session. Ideally you don’t have anything scheduled too closely to either side of your session time. 


Rested Face

Hydrate and get your 8 hours in the night before. You’ll want those eyes bright.


The following sections are only suggestions and should be ignored if they contradict your brand identity.


Clothing & Accessories

In order to keep the attention on your face, solid or finely patterned attire works best. In contrast, bold patterns like plaid, color blocks, polkadots, or large floral prints tend to draw the eye away from your face.

Tones or colors should ideally be as dark or darker than your skin tone so that your face is the brightest and most compelling part of your body. 

A color that accents your eyes or skin tone is always a great bet.

Bright shirts can reflect light up under your chin so avoid solid white unless you’ve got a jacket on covering much of it. Avoid fully saturated bold colors such as neons. 

If you’re having more than one headshot look created then have all your clothing pressed and hung ready to go. We’ll start in your favorite outfit and go from there.

If possible don’t wear big chunky, colorful, or highly reflective jewelry. Throw this rule out if we’re doing something conceptual with color or jewelry or if such attire falls within your brand identity. 

Again, if we’re doing something conceptual or with your brand identity then some or all of these “rules” can be ignored.



For men, a clean cut and trimmed or shaved facial hair is recommended unless we’re going for a wilderness adventure vibe.

For those with long hair we’ve successfully captured headshots with hair back in a ponytail, up in a bun, or down on the shoulders. Take some time to consider what you like best. 

I’ve noted that most women are wearing hair down in headshots with 1/4 wearing it back in a tight pony tail. We can always try both and you can pick your favorite.



A foundation and subtle touches are great for evening out the tones of skin. While we do retouch your favorite headshots, the more even your skin is to begin with, the more natural the retouching looks. Please avoid heavy and dark eyeshadow, extreme lash extensions*, and intensely dark lip colors. 

*false lashes tend to be so dense and long that they block light from hitting the eyes and cause a dead eye look. 



Remember that our clothing, hair, and makeup suggestions are only suggestions. If your brand identity requires lash extensions and neon colors then lean into that. If you have questions get in touch using the phone number on our contact page or email me if we’ve already been in conversation.

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