Preparing for your Newborn Session

We recommend that a newborn session be scheduled within the first 10 days after birth. They are smallest then and they sleep a lot so that we can work with a mostly chill baby. Of course we can fudge that and working a bit later in the first month but those sleeping baby shots are most possible first 10 days.

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This is an exciting time!  Let’s get prepared for your upcoming newborn session.  We spend around 2 or so hours together at your home which allows time for feeding breaks, diaper changes etc as we work through groupings such as mother & child, both parents with child, whole family, siblings together, and your infant solo at least 2 or 3 ways. 

Here’s a gallery of my past Newborn work for reference.

Here are some things you can do in preparation for your session. It’s going to take a little dedicated time but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it’s pretty simple. Whether you knock it all out yourself prior to delivery or you enlist friends and family help is up to you. We help in a few ways too. Read on!

Wes has options for neutral wraps.


We provide some neutral wraps in forest green, navy, blushes, pearly peach, ivory, etc. I also bring a posing pillow for newborns. 

You all would provide any personal items whether it’s a first stuffed animal, chew toy, or family heirlooms that you think would be cool to incorporate. For example we photographed one baby in a vintage basinet, the same one her mother was rocked in as a child. 

Planning What To weaR

For wardrobe, avoid busy patterns. Desaturated solids work great. That’ll draw our attention to your faces and the baby in close ups of baby in your arms. 

In general, dark, looser fitting clothes with mid length or long sleeves are great if you’re trying to conceal babyweight. 

We’ll also do some skin to skin type shots. For those close up shots, a dark or even nude/tan colored cami can be nice where your shoulders and arms are exposed. We’ll put your infant right against your chest, just under your neckline, their head on your shoulder. 

Perhaps pair that with maternity jeans or elastic waisted skirt. Those shots are just head and shoulders on you so the fit in the middle doesn’t matter as much as long as you’re comfortable.  

I like to do one series with a brighter feel. Everyone in white or light colors can be an uplifting option. Aim for looser fitting tops. You may have seen some in my folio where the couple was in tans and whites. We put the baby in a white swaddle and on an ivory faux fur for some shots too. 

Some have gone with denim and white. Everyone seems to have items in these categories.  I sometimes have my dads just wear a comfy fit white tee shirt for the white/light set. Works great. It feels very at home. 

One new mom wore a loose navy colored longsleeved linen dress and a blush colored scarf around her neck flowed nicely in to her pink skinned baby girl resting on her chest. 

Pick a palate of common colors: Tan and Navy, Navy and White, Tan & White, all black, or heck lean into some rich olives, maroons, mustards, or whatever goes great with your skin tone!

Before choosing a newborn outfit, be sure that they actually fit (we don’t want them swimming in something better suited for a 6 month old session).  In general we put your newborn in a swaddle, shirtless, so you don’t HAVE to provide ANY newborn outfits. You are welcome to dress them in something cute however.  A simple white onesie is nice too. 

Denim and Khaki? Why not?! Timeless.

I hope I’ve shared enough to get you brainstorming and either picking through your closet or ordering something for later. 

Don’t over think it or stress yourself out. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Lean on friends and family.

Keep it simple and have a couple options ready. Be wearing one option when I get there and we’ll switch to the others next. 


I most often work in your nursery, master bedroom, living room. I’m open to jumping outside as well (usually staying in the shade of a tree or the porches). 

Please tidy those rooms before my arrival.

I spend some time (a few minutes) capturing any design you may have done in the nursery. If you haven’t finished a nursery, no problem. We’ll skip it. 


See if you can keep your baby awake until a half hour before we arrive. Begin feeding them at that point and top them off. If I arrive and your baby has just fallen asleep exhausted and full then that’s ideal. We mostly photograph sleeping newborns.

Have the house a bit warmer than usual so our shirtless baby isn’t freezing as we do changes or skin to skin time.

Have a sound machine on hand for white noise. 

Perhaps have a family member over for additional hands/support while we shoot. If our baby’s other parent is around then that will suffice!



Our newborn session is 850 for an only child and includes all the unique high res files edited with print license.

We charge 1000 if you have other children to document in addition to the newborn. We stay quite a bit longer in those cases capturing siblings and the whole family in addition to the newborn.

We also invite you to order prints through your gallery where I can retouch and enhance as needed before we hang things on your walls. 

Half is due to book the date and the remainder on the session date. Rescheduling due to illness or adverse weather is totally fine. Let us know as soon as possible and we’ll reschedule you.

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