In the heart of The Morton Arboretum, where nature breathes and love blossoms, lies The Fragrance Garden. An intimate sanctuary where time stands still, embracing the essence of couples embarking on their journey together. As a long time lensman, I’ve witnessed the quiet elegance and fragrant beauty of this garden many times. Once again it becomes my canvas for timeless love. Witness.

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Jacki & Mike held their intimate ceremony in the Fragrance Garden surrounded by a dozen friends and family members.

In this garden, fragrance becomes a silent narrator, enriching each frame with memories that linger, much like love’s enduring perfume.

Jacki is an artist who loved our composition and use of color so much that she just had to have Wes Craft Photography capture her wedding day. Thank you Jacki & Mike!

Jacki’s nerves gave way to laughter when she rounded the bend and saw Michael crying tears of gratitude.

The shade of tall trees and the vine laden trellis kept the couple and their guests somewhat cool.

I quickly and quietly slip from spot to spot to capture as many unique perspectives as I can as a single photographer. For larger events I bring a team mate (2nd photographer).

Bubble guns out bubbled the guest’s lungs and wands much to their chagrin.

We worked through a handful of listed family groupings. I’m only showing some so as not to bore you but we always take great care to capture special groups of friends or family with you.

While gardens in bloom tend to lend themselves to color, this fountain called me to render in monochrome. What say you?

Nearby is this epic doorway.

It started to sprinkle so we ran to our last stop, a pond not too far from the Fragrance Garden. I stayed on the opposite side and we used my favorite hack, phones on speaker mode, to communicate while we were apart.

If you enjoyed the rich color, deep black and white, fun and stylized portraits, and dynamic candid photos then please reach out to have Wes capture your event of any size.


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